KB Yoga is a way of integrating all aspects of a person's life into a harmonious path. A system of physical, mental and spiritual development.




















KB yoga is a great way to start the week and reconnect your mind, body and spirit. All are welcome, from absolute beginner to the more experienced student. Through the postures and breath you'll improve your flexibility, build muscle strength and let go of old tension making space for you in the present.

Sound therapy will also be used: singing bowls and Acutonics(TM) tuning forks to ground you and restore normal (sound of the earth) vibratory frequencies. You should leave feeling lighter whilst more grounded, peaceful, perhaps with a new perspective, and full of good Qi and calm happiness.

Yoga is an ancient system of philosophy practised by practitioners throughout the world. It incorporates a range of practices from physical postures and breath control to meditation.

The style of class at KB Yoga is generally dynamic, flowing from pose to pose, rather than holding position static for a long period of time. This develops stamina as well as balance, co-ordination and a well-sculpted body.

There is also a focus on core strength and alignment, to encourage each outer body position to be an extension of the inner body’s strong foundations rather than trying to jar the joints into a compromised posture.

Through the postures and breath the practitioner becomes calmer, more centred, grounded and better able to cope with emotional stress.

Dynamic Yoga is strong and athletic, you will use a considerable amount of upper body strength and get hot. It is an amazingly invigorating practice, with strong energising and purifying qualities

The practice is about mindfully working with the body. Through the simple acts of moving and breathing people can find space and calm in mind and body

It is our intention at KB Yoga that our members are left feeling renewed and refreshed after every class.