To name a few things, all of our classes can improve your fitness, leave you feeling great, reduce stress, boost energy and be fun.

Let our members tell you why they love KB Fitness:



There are so many things we can be doing in our spare time. It’s certainly worth considering attending classes at KB Fitness. Our members are delighted that they took the plunge, as you’ll see on our Reviews page .

But they’re much more than that too. There’s a profound positivity within our training space, which is contrary to an often hostile wider world. Everybody encourages and praises one another, celebrating each other’s progress. Egos are left at the door and everybody is respected.

So come and roar in the KB Kickboxing classes, experiencing highs you didn’t know could be reached through fitness training.

Feel empowered by our KB Self Defence classes, enabling you to walk that much taller, with a newfound level of confidence.

Learn an ancient art form, at KB Kung Fu, cementing your foundations as a martial artist.

Bring yourself back into harmony in our KB Yoga classes, whilst improving your balance and alignment.